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March 16, 2011

Path to Publishing

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Not a lot of information is available on publishing jobs. As to date, I have only found one site, (bookjobs.com), that caters to publishing job listings on the internet. I didn’t grow up hearing, “Oh you can be an editor one day!” I always heard, “Go to school and be something fancy. Maybe you could be a lawyer, a doctor, or a police”

This blog will be helping to fix the above problem. Although being a doctor, a lawyer or a police officer maybe fulfilling, so can being a literary agent, an editor or any of the numerous jobs that the publishing world offers. Plus they all come with a book loving guarantee! That was a joke, kind of. But seriously, for people who really love books, why not work in marking as an associate for Penguin, or as a merchandising expert for Random House. Why not be a publicist for HarperCollins or be a literary agent in one of the many agencies around the country.

As I said earlier, publishing isn’t a viable job to many people just because of the lack of information about the industry and career choices out there.

I personally found out about the publishing industry by accident. All through high school I was told that my reading habits were really good for school and I wouldn’t have time for it when I got in the ‘real’ world. I was pushed towards business, a ‘reasonable’ career and that would have been the end of it. I’m still in school for business as a matter of fact, only now I’m not resign to the fact that I’ll have some desk job that doesn’t really mean anything to me.

On the day I learned that one of my favorite online authors had found an agent and was in the process of editing her manuscript for to one day be sold I had to find out more. From there I found blogs, twitters, and publishing. Now I will make my way into publishing! And I’m so glad that I will be.

As soon as I learned that there was this whole industry out there I knew without a doubt that I wanted to work in it. If I had possible had learned in high school about publishing, I know I would have made different decisions about my schooling, gone for a English degree and maybe a school in New York. Now with the help of my councilor I’m taking classes that will hopefully help me, and compliment my publishing dreams.

I want this site to do for someone, what Sarah J. Maas did for me, and that is realizing a dream.

I want to give a special thanks to you Sarah if you’re reading this!

Anyway, my plan for this is to have interviews about different aspects of publishing. Like what does an agent do day to day. About interning, what workloads editors have to handle. Work environments, locations, habits, life styles! Be on the lookout for interviews on the way!

Thank you for your time.

M. Nicole




  1. Hey Nicole!

    Thank you so, so much for the shout-out here! I’m beyond thrilled to have had such an impact on your life–what an honor!!

    I know you’re probably sick of school at this point, but if you’re ever interested in enrolling in another program, there is the Columbia Publishing Course. It runs over the summer, and is fairly competitive to get into, but most of the alumni go on to get jobs at lit agencies and publishing houses. http://www.journalism.columbia.edu/page/216-columbia-publishing-course/217 Just something to consider! 🙂

    Best of luck with all of your publishing endeavors!!!! I’m rooting for you!


    Comment by Sarah J. Maas — March 16, 2011 @ 11:26 pm | Reply

    • That is a program I have been looking at for a little while now. I have been contemplating it vs. Several certificate programs, such as the one at Pace University or NYC. Next year i’ll be visiting alot of graduate programs and seeing which Is a good choice for me.

      Thanks for the suggestion! I plan on doing a segment in the future about the programs out there for this line of work!

      Comment by Wanna Be Lit. Agent — March 20, 2011 @ 3:25 pm | Reply

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